The Carruthers Band + Trevor Davies @ Petit Campus (Oct. 2) | Facebook


Trevor Davies, The Carruthers Brothers Band, December Rose & The Feedbackers @ Le Belmont | Facebook

Very excited to play with the Carruthers Brothers Band again tomorrow night, this time au Belmont sur le Boulevard… SHWANKY!

We’ll be in trio formation again, featuring Scott Kingsley on bass and Marc Beland on drums. Our set’s at 12am. 

In general this will be one of the biggest weekends of the summer, it being St. Jean Baptiste weekend, and with the Fringe Festival, Francopholies, and a million other things going on around town. Come on down for 3 bands @ $6!


On A Good Day (Joanna Newsom cover)


Guitar Lesson Site, Post #1: 10 Things I Wish My Guitar Teacher Told Me on Day One

Starting my music-nerd site with a great post from the people at Roots Guitar Tips. There will be lots of re-blogs, random links, videos etc. Anything at all that I like and that pertains to guitar or music education/study. I won’t link to most of it here or anywhere else, I just wanted to announce the re-inauguration of this address (and the LESSONS button in the header). Rock on and keep shedding!  


I’ve been experimenting with recording video/audio at home, to see what’s possible with the gear I’ve got. The following represents my attempt with especially limited video tools (Photo Booth > iMovie) and a single condenser mic into ProTools. This is all meant to lead towards higher-quality versions, eventually…

I’ve been loving my nylon-string guitar, and I thought that I’d present a few of the covers (old and new) that I’ve been working on. My favourite is a new one, from the Dirty Projectors album Swing Lo Magellan (2012), called Just from Chevron. 

[Unfortunately the video got cut off due to my sketchy rig, and I will be recording another version soon, but for the moment I just wanted you all to see what I’m up to!]


Duncan Garage Showroom: Final Curtain


The news of the closure of one of the best listening rooms in Canada, and one that I have a personal relationship with, has been milling around inside me for some time now, looking for a chance at expression. (This morning I feel like blahgging…)

I could write about the performance scene at large in this country, or talk about the future of music in grand sweeping terms, but for now I’m just sad and disappointed. My hometown venue is dead, and my community let it happen. I don’t mean to single out the people of the Cowichan Valley, but refer to our greater community as a Canada and a world. Where does our money really go, and which enterprises are really worth supporting? The eclectic owner-operator of the DGS, Longevity John Faulkner, will continue to support music at all levels in some way or another, but the question is, who will support him? (And not just the man himself but the contributions he puts forward to the community). 

Long John gave me my first gig (outside of impromptu school performances), at a place he was running (or renting very regularly..) called Vimy Hall. My bandmates and I were 14. All our friends from school would come out to these shows and there were even articles in the paper about us. He made us feel like rockstars when we were just starting out, and he continues to do the same for each new group of young musicians. Aside from establishing great venues and promoting high-end musical content for the listening public, this, I feel, is his greatest contribution. In the end it’s more about community and support and love and the fun of music than some kind of perfection, punctuality, and certainly profit. This is what I hope the general public will realize, not just musicians or music-lovers but anyone with kids, anyone who is interested in a rich and varied society. 

The Duncan Garage Showroom is still operating by name out of a new venue. I hope to check it out on my next visit back home! You can follow their activity at the same Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/duncangarageshowroom 

Local newspaper article: http://www.cowichannewsleader.com/entertainment/230895051.html


Labour Day Update / Summer Re-cap

Yes I realize it’s long past Labour Day (and Summer, for most of us) but that’s just how behind I feel in updating you all! Again, apologies to those online audience members, apologies. But Internet, in your stoic storage of vast amounts of data you lack activity, motion… and this was a summer for coming out!.. No, not exactly like that.. but for some kind of appearance, some physical manifestation. Creative energy takes a long time to brew and then it explodes onto the page.

The gigs back Home were varied and fun. I got to reunite with a lot of friends and musical companions, and with what I consider to be my native land and coastline. The weather was perfect, and the break from city life was rejuvenating. 

It’s been Quiet Time for me since coming “home” from the west coast (to MTL) and after the general frenzy of July. I’m just now settling into a nice life/work routine which is centered largely around playing and teaching music. In fact, education-related-to-music is more and more going to take a place in this blog/site, as a tangible reference for my students as well as an inevitable result of increased teaching in my life. Look for a new button leading to resource materials for guitarists and/or a link to a new blog…


P I C T U R E    T I M E ! ! !


Going back to June, in a place called Toronto, Phill, Kris and I played at (or literally in) The Cage. No beer bottles were thrown, but I truly appreciate the venue’s concern. 


It was fun to rock out with the boys again, in what will probably be my last show in Tdo for a bit. 


Photos by Encyclopedia Brown.



One of the Summer Festival shows in my hometown, Duncan BC! “One gig a year you gotta play with no shoes…” -Trevor Davies. Jammin’ once again with Dave Klasen and Richie Jackson. 



Jazz at Crofton. Thanks to Adam Cormier, Conrad Good and Ellen Doty for joining me on the 21st of July! (not pictured). (Drummer in photo is John Lee).



The amazing scene at the Dinghy Dock Pub, Protection Island, BC. I couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion to the tour. w/ Music, family, buds, beers and boats..!  (Yes those are boats floating behind me). 


"On the Dock" photos by Allen Felker. 


Here’s looking forward to more performances, and the release of new material in some form or another. Here’s to September as well, and all the feelings, good and bad, of “getting back to it” that it brings. I’d like to give thanks to all the musicians, family and friends who supported me this summer in Toronto, Montreal and on the West Coast. I am truly grateful.

I’m also very happy with the direction “the lessons” are taking, and becoming more involved and passionate about my life and business as a teacher. Here are some photos of our Jamspace, which serves as the rehearsal space for many groups as well as a recording studio and teaching space. It’s also a quasi-venue during our parties and house concerts. 



Check out GuitarLab.ca and of course trevordavies.ca for more info! Thank you all very much for your support, even just in reading this. More media coming your way shortly!



DGS show streaming live and direct tonight! ->

For those of you who can’t make it tonight, the show at the Duncan Garage Showroom will be streaming live tonight, and recorded for posterity on the DGS-TV Youtube channel! Check it out! http://duncangarageshowroom.ca/dgs-tv/


Vancouver Island Dates IMMANENT!


My mini-tour of Vancouver Island kicks off tomorrow night! I will be busy this weekend, playing Friday at the Duncan Garage Showroom, Saturday at the Vault, and Sunday at Jazz at Crofton. I’m happy to have added the Showroom gig… this is a fitting place to kick off the homecoming series! Fans of jazz, cross-over (jazz-pop), and the vocal stylings of Ellen Doty should make it out to the Vault on Saturday in Nanaimo, and guitarists and jammers especially should come down to Crofton on Sunday afternoon! Next Wednesday the rock trio (Dave Klasen, Richie Jackson) will be playing downtown Duncan at 6pm in Charles Hoey Park, another Cowichan classic! 

Many of the concerts have advance-ticket options, so check out the facebook event page for relevant links: https://www.facebook.com/events/682344478448778/  

Coming home to this part of the world has already been an invaluable addition to my summer… can’t wait to get to the MUSIC part! Hope to see you around. 


A Canada Day Tumblr Touring Announcement!

image(The band last month at The Cage in Toronto)

Just had Canadian Independence Day here in the great grey north, and it’s America Day soon for those of you south-of-the-border! I’ve had a little time off… I’ve been hanging out at the Jazz Festival here in Montréal, working a day job, teaching some lessons, and getting ready for my summer trip home to the west coast of BC! 

So far this is what’s booked:  I’m happy to have a nice mix of solo concerts, band shows and one jazz music feature!

JULY 19: Duncan Garage Showroom, w/ Sid & Lena

JULY 20: Nanaimo TBA w/ Ellen Doty

JULY 21: TD Trio @ Jazz at Crofton w/ Ellen Doty

JULY 24: Duncan Summer Festival (w/ band)

JULY 29: Duncan Summer Festival (solo)

JULY 29: On the Dock @ The Dinghy Dock Pub, Protection Island

Check out /TOUR for a current, updated list of shows, with relevant details…

I’m very excited to be coming home, not only to play music, but for all the hiking, camping, barbecuing, river-swimming fun and madness of July! 


Shows this week in MTL!

 imageJune 22 - V.l.L.A. Montréal


imageJune 21 - Infringement Montéal (@ Barfly)


Very much looking forward to this week’s shows in Montréal! My band will be joining me from Toronto, as will my good friend Alli Sunshine on the 22nd. These will be the last few shows before I head out west for more gigs and a little summer downtime. Don’t miss your chance to see us up close and in action! :)

The event is up for the Winchester 506 Folk Fest, taking place at The Cage and the Winchester Kitchen, June 13-16.
The trio (Kris Maddigan, Phill Albert) is playing Thursday night at The Cage, opening night of the festival. Get your passports through us for a great deal! 
I’m stoked to be heading back to Toronto (to play music)! 

The event is up for the Winchester 506 Folk Fest, taking place at The Cage and the Winchester Kitchen, June 13-16.

The trio (Kris Maddigan, Phill Albert) is playing Thursday night at The Cage, opening night of the festival. Get your passports through us for a great deal! 

I’m stoked to be heading back to Toronto (to play music)! 


Activity! recent and upcoming (TOR-MTL):

Hello friends, 

I’ve been a busy boy lately, playing music in Toronto mainly while continuing to try and stay afloat in Montreal (which is a bit too far away if you ask me).


(more photos: May 5th

The Tranzac was a great time at the beginning of May, and really kicked off this recent spur of activity. Many thanks to the Woodchoppers Association and the good people at the venue. I’ve been playing with both Marc Beland and Kris Maddigan on drums, and consistently with Phill Albert on bass.  


Two weeks later I was invited to play a night at Grossman’s Tavern, sharing the bill with my good friends Gillian Stone, Alli Sunshine and other associates from the west coast, as well as local troublemakers The Northern Empties. (photos of May 23rd



WINCHESTER 506 FOLK FESTIVAL (Toronto June 13-16)

Next week, I’ll be returning to TO to headline opening night of the Winchester 506 Folk Festival at The Cage.  

*IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THURSDAY, JUNE 13 IN TORONTO (or any part of the festival) SEND ME A MESSAGE or email to reserve your ticket! I will bring you a free CD!*

More info on the festival coming soon, but I can tell you it will take place at two venues: The Cage (June 13) and the Winchester Kitchen and Bar (June 14-16) and feature the following grassroots performers: 


Thursday, June 13
Venue: The Cage (292 College Street)
Carlo Meriano - 9:30pm  
Kevin Myles Wilson Band - 10:30pm 
Big Otter Creek - 11:30pm	
Trevor Davies - 12:30am	 

Friday, June 14

Venue: Winchester Kitchen & Bar (51A Winchester)
Fraz Milne - 9:30pm 	 
Allana Matty - 10:30pm
Carlo Meriano - 11:30pm	
Micah Occonell - 12:30am
Saturday, June 15	
Venue: Winchester Kitchen & Bar (51A Winchester)
Graham Nicolas - 9:30pm 
Noah Pascoe - 10:30pm 
C.D. Onofrio - 11:30pm
Sunday, June 16	
Venue: Winchester Kitchen & Bar (51A Winchester
Big Otter Creek - 10pm
Invited Jam - 11pm 

I’m looking forward to seeing more smiling faces in Toronto! Please feel free to get at me personally (for tickets, or info). 

*                                               *                                                  *

…AND NOW for those of you in Montréal:



Friday, June 21st the trio will be performing as part of Infringement Montréal, at Barfly, 9pm (set at 11pm)


Sunshine (Brooklyn, Montréal) 

Crazy Knows Crazy



Saturday, June 22nd a bunch of indie rock types and their friends will be throwing a house concert and party at my apartment/venue: (2106 Rue de Bleury near Place des Arts) including Alli Sunshine, Gillian Stone and many more! Our first house-show went really well… This is likely to become a really fun (and alternative) pay-what-you-can-type tradition. Plus d’infos bientôt! 

(More info (and touring announcements!) coming soon!)

Ok, thanks for reading my news feed (maybe it should have been 3 posts..?) I’m happy to have something to say. Many thanks to everyone who has supported and helped myself and the band during this time, and for coming out to see us play! We couldn’t do it without you! 

happy summer,


Here’s the poster/facebook event for the show on Thursday! So excited to get back to Toronto, not to mention Grossman’s is truly a legendary venue in Canada! Kris Maddigan and Phill Albert will once again be supporting me on drums and bass, expertly no doubt. Hope to see some of you there!

Here’s the poster/facebook event for the show on Thursday! So excited to get back to Toronto, not to mention Grossman’s is truly a legendary venue in Canada! Kris Maddigan and Phill Albert will once again be supporting me on drums and bass, expertly no doubt. Hope to see some of you there!



TD Band @ Tranzac Toronto, May 5th, 10PM

Woodchopper’s Association: 11pm

The title links to the event page for the Tranzac show on May 5th. I’m very excited to be heading to the big city again, with a great band, to play the Tranzac where there’s always a warm reception and friendly feelings. Marc Beland on drums and Phill Albert on bass will form my core trio, however the likelihood of guest contributions is high.

The Woodchopper’s Association is a musical collective in the true Toronto style, made up of “musical and artistic friends specializing in freestyle improvisation and multi-disciplinary presentations.” To read more about them, check out their website: www.woodchoppers.com




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